3.2-View all Subscribers (Across the lists)

View All Subscribers

View the list of all subscribers saved within all subscriber lists. The view table provides good deal of information with regard to the subscriber details and also provides the ability to perform certain actions. Following area further discussed the table. 

Table#3.2.1:Viewing all Subscribers


Serial number of records in the table, S/N would be the first column to start almost all the view tables across the application. It shows limited number of records on one page, like by default it is set to display from 1 serial number to 50. But you can select to display more or even all the records on the first page of the table, without dividing it with pagination. However, if you have large numbers of records saved across the list, displaying all on one page may reduce the speed. 


Email address of the subscriber. In most cases, having an email address is considered a must required field to save a person’s detail in a list. But in rare cases, contacts are saved without having a requirement of providing an email address.

But as said, it happens very rare, and one needs to enable the option by going to the “White Labeling” to save the subscriber without the requirement of providing the contact's email.

List Name

The name of email list in which the subscriber's information was added/saved.

First Name

Part of the custom field information saved in the lists. The column only displays information if the contact's list has the field for it, and its relevant information. 

Last Name

Like the first name, the column only displays relevant information if it is saved in the subscriber list. Otherwise it will remain empty. 


Company name is also the custom field that you optionally add while creating the subscriber list.  


has the subscriber’s email bounced back in result of some campaign? Yes or No.


Has the person opted to unsubscribe from your mailing list? Yes or No.


Subscribers with verified email status will be marked as "Verified", email that are failed to verify the validity using "Email Verification" module will be marked as "Not Verified" and others will say "Doesn't Exist"

Added On

It shows the “Date” on which the subscriber details were added into the list.


Followed by the above mentioned details of subscribers, table moves to the next column which says “Actions”. The quick actions buttons allow performing particular action to manage the subscribers.

Extension- Table#3.2.1 View all Subscribers (Actions)



Clicking on the button will lead you to the page, where you will be able to modify and update the currently saved details of subscriber.


Click the button and you will be asked to confirm, if you really want to delete the details of subscriber from the list? Answering the prompt message in yes will result in the deletion of subscriber from the particular list.

Figure# 3.2.1: Viewing all Subscribers

View all Subscribers