4.7-Create Split Tests

Creating Split Tests

Split testing or A/B split testing is a known term in email marketing industry which helps to improve the results, by testing different variations of your campaign. But setting up the split test campaign was never too easy, and most businesses spend a lot of time and resources in creation and testing of their email marketing campaigns. MUMARA has automated the whole process from creation of a split test to editing and sending of a split test campaign.

Reach “Create Split Test” under “My Campaigns” in the left side navigational menu. Once you click “Create Split Test” the following window will appear.

Figure#4.7.1:Creating Split Tests

Setup Email Split Test

Once you are at “Create Split Test” page, fill in the required fields as below to setup criteria for the new split test.

Table#4.7.1: Creating Split Test

Split Test Name

This field is to be filled with an appropriate name for the particular split list that you are about to create. The name will be used to identify the split test among other split tests within the application or user account.

Campaign List

The “Campaign List” displays the list of all available campaigns to select desired ones for testing.

Winner Based On

The dropdown offers two criteria to select one to evaluate the winner.

(a)Most Opened By Subscribers

If selected, the campaign most opened by the subscribers will be marked as winner of this split test. 

(b)Most Clicked By Subscribers

If selected, the campaign most clicked by the subscribers will be declared winner of this split test. 

Kind of Test to Run

The dropdown offers two criteria to select one of them to run the kind of test you want.
(a)Find Winners and Show Results

If you want this test to run, and you have selected 3 different email campaigns from above. It will divide your list on the number of variations you want to test.

For example, in the case of a list of 900 subscribers, the system will split the list in three groups and each will contain equal number of (300 in this case) subscribers.

It will then randomly select 300 subscribers to receive one test email campaign, and another 300 to receive another test email campaign. After successfully completing the tests, To view how the split test has performed, reach split test statistics page.

(b)Find Winners and Send To Remaining
If you have selected 3 different email campaigns from the available campaigns to run the split test, and you have a list of 900 subscribers. Selecting this option will enable you to propose an appropriate size to split from your list.
Send Email
Propose the percentage for the batch of subscriber to receive the split test campaigns and evaluate the winning campaign based on set criteria.  For example proposing 15%, will split 15 %( 135 Subscribers) of your list and will divide them on the number of variation you want to test (3 email campaigns are selected in the case). Each group out of these 15% will then receive a test email campaign from the selected three.
Send Remaining After
You’ll have the ability to set delay time, if you run this kind of test campaign. For example you have proposed 5 hours delay time, after it tests all three variations using the 15% of your list. And the delay time finishes, it will automatically send the best performing email variation (From results of 15% test) to rest of the subscribers in the selected list(s).

After you fill in the required information and set the appropriate criteria for the split test, click “Submit” button to save the newly created split test. Press “Reset” in order to reassign the criteria.
On successful creation of the new split test, you will be able to schedule this split test for sending, during the 2nd step in the process of scheduling an email campaign, by selecting the campaign "Type" as "Split Test"

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