4.12-Image/File Manager

Upload Images/ Files

Uploading image from your computer can be a helpful option, especially when you don’t have the path of the particular image available online. To make this path available for you to link or embed with your email campaign, you first need to upload it to the current installation server of MUMARA. To do this, reach “Image/File Manager” under “My Campaigns” and choose an image from your computer to upload to your server. Following Figure shows the selection of file from your computer to upload.

Figure#4.12.1 :Upload Images

Upload from Computer

The above mentioned figure shows one of the images “Add Subscribers” selected from the computer to upload to your server. Once you have done with selection, simply click “Upload File” to start uploading the selected image to your server. The following figure shows the file “Add Subscribers” uploaded to your server. All the images will be saved in uploaded_images folder of your server. 

Figure#4.12.2: Uploaded Images

View  Uploaded Images

Uploaded and saved images in uploaded_images folder, can later be used to link or embed with an email campaign. The HTML editor integrated with “Create an Email Campaign” page helps linking the email campaign with uploaded images, by using the button “Insert/edit Images” under the toolbar. 

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Moreover, you will have the ability to view the permission status of uploaded_images folder, the folder responsible to carry the uploaded images. Reach “Tools” towards the bottom of left navigation menu, and click “Permissions” under tools. The page altogether provides current permission status of different files and folders, including import_file, temp and uploaded_images as well. If the folder has the writable permission assigned, it shows OK status. If the file doesn't have the required permission, it shows “error”. In case of error, you need to modify the permission as per the scope of the control panel you have. 

Figure#4.12.3: Current Permission Status of Uploaded_Images folder

File Permissions

The view table provides the following information of each image you have uploaded to your server.

Table#4.12.1: View Uploaded Images


Serial number in which the table is displaying the uploaded images, by default table shows the records starting from serial 1 and ending at serial number 10.

File URL

Once you upload any image to the current installation server of MUMARA, it creates a complete path which includes the domain of current installation, folder in which the image is saved, and ends with the name of the uploaded image. The complete path can be accessed over the internet, and can be used to link the image with your email campaigns as well.


The smaller preview of the uploaded image.


In the actions column, the view images table offers only one action to perform quickly by pressing the cross button. And this action is DELETING the particular image not only from the list of available images in the table, but also from the uploaded_images table.