4.2-Preview Newly Created Campaign

Preview Email Campaign

Mumara offers this integrated tool to check the real time inbox preview of your email campaign, before you actually send it to any of your subscriber list. This helps to scrutinize the content, to verify that the custom variables are working properly, to confirm that the spin tags are replacing the placeholder text with lists of the given alternative words, and how does this particular email campaign appear in different inboxes, including the inboxes of major email clients?

a) Use SMTP for Preview

To send a preview to the inbox, you need to first choose one of the existing SMTP accounts. A dropdown will appear on your screen consisting of the list of available SMTP accounts. Make sure you have setup SMTP account, in order to send a preview of your campaign to your inbox. 

More on “Setting up SMTP Account”   

b) Preview to Email

After you select the SMTP account, fill this field with an email address where you want to send this preview email to. It can be an email of a local domain or also your personal inbox of some major email client like Gmail, Yahoo or AOL etc. This way you can preview how the newly created email campaign appears in different inboxes.

You can choose to send a BCC of this preview email to another inbox by filling out the field BCC preview to Email. 

c) Custom Variable Email 

The recent product updates added another field towards the bottom of the page that says "Custom Variable Email". This field will help in case you have used custom variables in the email campaign you are about to test.

Add one of the email addresses from your current email list(s) in order to have your preview email appeared properly with all custom variables. Adding any of email from your current lists will use its data to populate custom variables, but the preview email will still be sent to the email address you have provided in "Send Preview to Email" and "BCC Preview to Email". The email in this "Custom Variable Email" field will just be used to use its data and populate the custom variables in preview email.

After you complete the above mentioned steps, just click “Send Email Preview” and check the preview of your newly created email campaign in your inbox.  

Figure#4.2.1: Preview Email Campaign

Preview Email