4.8-Schedule Evergreen Campaign

The recent product upgrades have added this valuable functionality that would help you to setup an evergreen campaign.An evergreen campaign is set to repeat itself on periodic intervals. The process of scheduling an evergreen email campaign is as similar as scheduling a general campaign in Mumara, except for impactful addition to select the frequency of evergreen campaign. We aren't discussing the similarities of process,if you aren't acquainted with the process of scheduling an email campaign in Mumara, go ahead, click the following link and give it a read. 

Schedule an Email Campaign 

However, the part of evergreen campaign frequency has been covered in this article. Click "Schedule Evergreen Campaign" under "My Campaign" in the left navigation menu. 

Frequency of Evergreen Campaign 

Complete all three of the beginning steps as discussed in the article related to above mentioned link, and reach the final step number 4 that is called "Settings". Using the newly updated functionality, an evergreen campaign can be set to recur on the following occasions. 

a) Weekly 

Select the first option to repeat the selected campaign on weekly basis. Selection of "Weekly" repetition will reveal another option underneath to select the exact day of the week. Your preferred day for the repetition of the evergreen campaign can be one of the seven week days that appear in the dropdown. 

b) Monthly 

Repeatedly send the evergreen campaign on "Monthly" basis, the dropdown along with "Date of The Month" will let you select the exact date of the month. The dropdown carries the dates from 1 to 31, select your preferred one. 

c) Daily

Make it daily to repeat evergreen campaign on more frequent basis. Select precise time to run the campaign once in a day. E.g. if 11:25:45 PM is the sending time, system will initiate sending of the evergreen campaign daily on 11:25:45 PM. 

d) Hourly

In case of hourly intervals, you need to select after how many hours you want the system to automatically repeat the sending of evergreen campaign? select it from the dropdown beside "After Every". For example, if you select "After Every" 5 hours, the campaign will automatically repeat sending of evergreen campaign after every 5 hours. 

e) Minutes 

Minutes will be the most frequently repeated interval in the row, and selection of this will result in sending of the evergreen campaign after minutes. In case of minute based repetition, the dropdown with "After Every" will let you select the repetition time start from 5 minutes to 55 minutes. For example, if you select 15 from the dropdown, the campaign will be repeatedly send after 15 minutes. It means, evergreen campaign will be repeated 4 times in an hour.

Select rest of the options on 4th step of the process, and complete the process of scheduling evergreen campaign. 

Note: Do consider your system resources before you setup Mumara for more frequently repeated intervals.

Figure#4.8.1: Frequency of an Evergreen Campaign

Evergreen Email Campaign