4.5-Schedule Multiple Campaigns

Advance Level Scheduling

MUMARA helps to cut short the process of scheduling an email campaign, by providing an ability to schedule more than one email campaigns on one page. It usually takes 4 steps to complete an email campaign by choosing the normal course, and the four steps are Setup, Type, SMTP and Settings respectively.

But how convenient would it be for you, if you are provided a simple functionality to perform these 4 major steps, under one page? Click “Multiple Campaign Scheduling” under “My Campaigns” to take the smartest approach of scheduling multiple email campaigns. The page opens up with a field to provide the exact number of campaigns you want to schedule, as in the following image.  

Figure#4.5.1:Number of Campaigns to Schedule

Numbers of Campaigns

a)      Start Scheduling

After you have provided the exact number of campaigns you want to schedule. Press “Start Scheduling”, to proceed to the next step. On the next page, you will see each campaign is separated with a panel, and each panel has four different columns Setup, Subscriber List, Campaign List and SMTP selection. Appropriate selection of options and text fields under Setup, Subscriber List, Campaign List and SMTP selection; have already been elaborated while discussing “Schedule Email Campaign”.  
Read “Schedule an Email Campaign” to know more about the fields in the columns and for the appropriate selection of the options.

b)      Copy Campaign Details

Towards the top right area of the each campaign panel, you will notice two small buttons. Clicking on the first button lets you copy selections and campaign details to the campaign below. 

For example, campaign#1 at the top is completed by providing “test” as schedule label, by selecting the masking option as “No”, by taking sender information from selected “SMTP”, by selecting “Example List”, “Test 2” campaign and “Test 1” SMTP.

Clicking on the copy button, will copy all the details from the "Campaign#1" and will paste in the following campaign#2, campaign#3 respectively. 

Figure#4.5.2: Copy Campaign Details Below
Copy Campaign Details

c)      Expand and Collapse

The second button at the top right area of the campaign panel is for showing and hiding the campaign panel.  By default, the button is set to hide the campaign on clicking (-), and when you do this, the button turns into a plus sign (+), to show/ expand the campaign panel again on clicking.

After you have done with the scheduling of all the campaigns, click “Save Campaigns” at the bottom of the page, to save the changes.