4.9-View Evergreen Campaigns

The reveals the list of currently available evergreen campaigns, scheduled to send their respective frequencies. The column of the table shows valuable information with regard to the scheduled evergreen campaigns. Here is what each column of the view table describes.

Table#4.9.1: View Scheduled Evergreen Campaigns 


Serial number of records in the table. 


Name of the user account using which the evergreen campaign was actually scheduled, 


The campaign was scheduled using this label as identity

Scheduled Time

The time on which the email campaign is scheduled for delivery.


It shows the frequency of the evergreen campaign, the interval after which the system will repeat sending the evergreen campaign. The frequency can be set to repeat sending, after months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes. 

Last Execution

The time when the evergreen campaign was executed in the recent past. 

Next Execution 

When the next execution is due as per the set frequency of evergreen campaign. 


Apart from providing certain level of information with regard to the scheduled evergreen campaigns list, the view table also enables to perform following actions.

Extension:Table#4.9.1: View Scheduled Evergreen Campaigns 

Edit Click to edit the earlier saved details of the scheduled campaign, it will take you to the "Schedule Email Campaign" page to review and apply changes, you will have the ability to change the preferred evergreen campaign, selection of the SMTPs, frequency of campaign and other details.


This lets you pause the campaign scheduled or in progress. 


Once the campaign is paused, the button automatically turns into a paused mode and needs to be clicked in order to resume the paused campaign


Click to delete the campaign from the list..

Figure#4.9.1: List of Scheduled Evergreen Campaigns

View Scheduled Evergreen Campaigns