4.7-View Scheduled Campaigns List

View Scheduled Campaign List

The page informs about the activity status of the scheduled campaigns, provides related information and lets you perform couple of tasks in regard to manage the scheduled campaigns The user account other than the one with the admin rights, will only be able to view the list of campaigns, they have created and scheduled using their own user account. See what information about the scheduled campaigns the table provides in the Figure#4.7.1 and in the table that follows the figure.

Figure #4.7.1:View Scheduled Campaign List

View Scheduled Campaigns

Table#4.7.1: Viewing Scheduled Campaign List


Serial number of scheduled campaigns in ascending order (1-10). You can view all the scheduled campaigns on one page, but if you have a large list of records to view, viewing them all at one page may reduce the loading speed. 


This is the schedule label, which you have defined while scheduling the email campaign in the first mandatory field, and it is different from the campaign name which you have defined while creating a new email campaign.

“Campaign Name” helps to identify and search particular campaign among currently available campaigns, whereas the “Label” helps to identify and scheduled campaigns among the queue of the scheduled emails.

Activity Status

Whether the campaign is paused, resumed, finished or in progress. The column explains the activity status of the scheduled campaigns in the queue.

Scheduled Time

The date and the time on which the email campaign is scheduled for delivery.

Total Time

The time it takes to complete the course of sending the particular email campaign.


This shows the total number of subscribers the email campaign is scheduled for.


It contains the number of bounced emails within the subscriber list(s) for this scheduled email campaign, and the contacts who have unsubscribed from the list.

Domain/Email Suppressed

Suppressed domains and emails


The counter shows the number to which the email campaign has been sent successfully.


Here are the following actions you can perform using the action buttons.

Figure#4.7.2: Perform Quick Actions (Stop/ Resume Scheduled Campaign)

Actions Scheduled Campaigns

Extension-Table#4.7.1: Viewing Scheduled Campaign List (Actions)


This lets you pause the campaign scheduled or in progress. 


Once the campaign is paused, the button automatically turns into a paused mode and needs to be clicked in order to resume the paused campaign.

a)      Number of records per page:

To select the number of records you want to view per page, the page puts a dropdown menu on view towards the top of the page. The dropdown menu starts from 10 records to display, and ends with all records on one page. The following figure indicates the position of the dropdown on the page.

Figure#4.7.3: Number of Records per Page

Records Per Page

b)      Copy or Print Scheduled Campaign Table

Use the copying options to copy the data in the columns of the table appears below. You can copy the table by using the “Copy” button and can paste it manually in a file, or can copy and save the complete table along with the columns to .CSV file, Excel or PDF format. Further you can get a print out of the complete table by clicking “Print”. See the following figure.

Figure#4.7.4: Copying Scheduled Campaign Table

Copy Scheduled Campaigns Table

c)       Search Scheduled Campaign

Search the details of particular campaign from the list of scheduled email campaigns. You can search by typing the schedule label of particular campaign, as. The search query sorts and processes the records efficiently on the same page. 

Figure#4.7.5: Searching Scheduled Campaign with its Label

Search Scheduled Campaigns