6.4-Blacklists Selection


Manually select the "Blacklists" from the list, and keep your IPs and Domain(s) checked for the selected blacklists.

IP Blacklist Monitoring 

The process of blacklisting an IP address involves the active monitoring of the web, to detect the variety of resources including the IP address relaying unsolicited message or in common words spam. After the active monitoring, the monitoring organization makes the IP address public by listing it on the blacklist. Generally they say, your IP is on public blacklist.
Keeping your IPs checked against all important blacklists and working around blacklist listing issue is important aspect of commercial mailing. Even if you are sending solicited email messages, sometimes blacklist doubts the sending IP due to the volume of email relaying from it. Therefore, there isn’t one criterion by following which the internet monitors, ISPs or blacklists list an IP address.
Mumara offers a list of the organizations that monitors the activity performed by the IP addresses, and you have the ability to select the number of Blacklists, to check your IP for the reputation.
Number of IP Monitors can be selected from the left side of your page, as demonstrated in the figure below. 

Figure#6.4.1: Selection of Blacklists to Monitor IP address Reputation

IP Blacklists Monitoring

Deactivating Options

The dropdown pointed in the figure above, opens with couple of options to deactivate the SMTP(s) of the IPs listed across selected blacklists. The first option you can see selected by default is "Don't Deactivate" that means, it will not deactivate the SMTP even if its IP is blacklisted across the selected blacklists, the other options are the following.

1) Deactivate- Listed in Any of the Above

If selected, application will automatically deactivate the SMTP, the IP of which is listed in any of the selected blacklists, and the deactivated SMTPs will no longer be able to send. 

2) Deactivate- Listed in all of Above

If selected, only the SMTP will be deactivated, the IP of which is listed across all the blacklists selected above. This selection will not deactivate the SMTP unless all of the selected blacklists will list the IP.

Recommendation: It is preferred to configure one SMTP with one IP. In case multiple IPs are configured with one SMTP, even if one of the multiple IPs is listed, and rest are clean, application will still deactivate the particular SMTP, when above options are selected.

Domain Blacklist Monitoring 

The process and selection of domain blacklisting is as same as discussed above for the IPs. Your selection will ensure that all of your masking/sending domains are monitored across all selected blacklists. The follow image shows the selection.

Figure#6.4.1: Selection of Blacklists to Monitor Domains Reputation

Domain Blacklist Monitoring