6.3-Import SMTP Account

Import SMTP Account

Importing the SMTP account details from the file is simple process in MUMARA, and if you already have experienced the importing of subscriber in MUMARA, the process of importing the SMTP will become more trouble-free for you. If you don’t want to input the SMTP details manually, or you have the details saved in .CSV file in your computer, simply reach the page “Import SMTP account” under “SMTP Accounts” in the main navigation menu, to import and save the SMTP details from the file in your computer, to the application.

Figure#6.3.1:Import SMTP Details from File

Importing SMTPs

Following Table Consists of:

  • Dropdown Selections
  • Dialogue Box Selection

Table#6.3.1: Importing SMTP Details from File

Import File

The dropdown offers two options to import the SMTP details from the file to the application.

a)      Upload Now From Your System:

Click “Choose File” to open up the dialogue box to select the file from your computer for importing the STMP details.

b)      Select from Files Uploaded to import_file Folder:

The selection of the second option will open a new dropdown right under the selection field, the dropdown next to “Select File” lets you to select from the already uploaded file. You upload these files using the FTP to import_file folder. Selection from the already uploaded files, imports the SMTP details with better speed, as it saves the uploading time of the file.  

Select File

This field behaves differently as per the selection of import file option. Displays the button to upload import file from your computer, in case you have selected to” Upload Now From your System” and will put a dropdown on display, if you have selected the second option from the import file dropdown.

Header Include

Selecting “Yes” from the dropdown will read the headers of the importing file, and will show the fields to map as per the headers of the importing file. Once you proceed by selecting “Yes”, next window will display the fields to map. See in the Figure#  

Mapping the Fields:

Once you complete the first step by providing all relevant information, application will read the headers of the importing file and will show you the fields to map. You need to select appropriate fields of the application from the each dropdown, to map according to the correct headers. It ensures importing of the data into the relevant fields. Following figure shows selection of appropriate fields.

Figure#6.3.2: Mapping the Fields

Mapping the Fields

Once you complete selection of the right fields of the application to carry the data according to the headers of importing file, press “Next” to start importing. The following figure shows how it processes the import.

Figure#6.3.3: Importing SMTP Details from File

Importing SMTPs from File

You can view the SMTP account you have just imported, by visiting “View SMTP Accounts”

Note: Just CSV or TXT format works with this import.