8.1-Create Spin Tags

With MUMARA you can create as many spin tags as you want, can keep them saved and can use them while creating the content for the email campaign. MUMARA has seamlessly arranged all the steps to create and manage the “Spin Tags”, in this process you first need to setup and save the desired spin tags in order to later use them during the process of creating an email campaign. Click “Setup Spin tags” under “Spin Tags” to create new one. See the following Figure#8.1.1

Figure#8.1.1: Setting Up Spin Tags

Setup Spintag

The process of setting up spin tag consists of two simple steps. First is providing the text for “Placeholder” and second is providing the set of the words to be used in the particular spin tag.


Placeholder is the text (Word or Phrase) which you want to replace with the set of words. You’ll enter the set of these words in the text box underneath “Placeholder”. The placeholder can be any word/phrase you can use in the content of your email or you are planning to use.

For example, you’ll going to have “Friend” in the content of your email campaign, and you want to replace “Friend” with the list of spinning words. You will simply put “Friend” in the field for “Placeholder”. The text in the placeholder will also be used to identify the particular spin tag among the list of others across the application/user account.

Figure#8.1.2: Providing text for Placeholder

Placeholder Text

After you complete setting up the spin tag, click “Submit” to save this or “Reset” to redefine the words in both of the fields. The saved spin tags will be available to use while creating the content of your email campaign, there will be a dropdown underneath the HTML editor to select one of the currently available spin tags. The figure shows the selection of the example spin tag which we have just created. 

Read more on Spin tags in (Create an Email Campaign)

Figure#8.1.3: Selection of Spin Tags (Create an Email Campaign) 
Using Spintags in Email

If you send the campaign using the above mentioned example of the spin tag “Friend”, system will keep on spinning the tag{{Friend}} inside two curly brackets with the list of words you have provided for rotation (Buddy, Mate and Fellow). As a result, if the first recipient of the list will be addressed as “Dear Buddy” the second will automatically be greeted with “Dear Mate” and the cycle continues until the campaign finishes.