Activity Logs

An activity log is the record of the activity performed by admin, admin staff as well as the client accounts. One the client account side, activity log table only records and populates the details of activity performed by specific user account. However being in administrative category, the activity logs table on the admin side records and shows activity performed by the admin, admin staff accounts as well as performed through the user accounts.

Navigate to Activity Logs 

Admin Main Navigation -> Tools -> Activity Logs 

S/N (Serial Number) 

Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.


The rows under this column are showing the activities that were being performed on various occasions though the application, i.e. John Scheduled a Broadcast April Campaign. In this activity statement, John is the user/profile name belonging to the account that has performed the activity, next to it is the activity that was being perform and "April Campaign" denotes to the broadcast name that John has scheduled. 

Performed by 

From which account the respective activity was being performed. The column is listing all the emails using which the account was created or signed in to perform the activity. Even for the admin it shows the email that was being used to login the admin account and performing the activity that was being logged.

Performed at 

System doesn’t only record the activity that is being performed through the admin or client account, but it also logs the accurate time when specific activity was being performed. The rows under this specific column are showing the accurate date & time when specific activity was being performed.

Available Filters 

Filter by Client Name 

This filter offers ability to view Activity Logs recorded for specific client account. To apply this filter all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. Suggestion box would help you quickly search and select the account of desired client to view its activity logs. 
Activity Logs