Validation Responses

Number validation is useful tool in several ways; it helps gathering important information with regard to the prospects in your database, provides accurate information about the network carrier and destination country, and enables separating out invalid/undeliverable numbers from the valid/deliverable numbers.

 Now every contact validation/ lookup service has certain way to perform contact validation and return the valuable information in result of validation process. This section lists all possible responses that available Validation APIs can return. SMSPlus automatically categorizes and sets flags for the contacts based on the validation response that Validation Service API returns after processing, the possible flags in this regard are, Approved and Rejected.

Numbers that successfully returned the network carrier information and destination country are considered as Valid and Approved contacts, whereas contacts that return with some guaranteed deliver errors are categorized and flagged as “Rejected” within the system. Make sure that contacts flagged as “Rejected’ will be ignored while sending of the future campaigns and no further messages will be sent to these contacts. Based on these available responses, admin has the ability to set the status of certain responses as “Accepted” and few with permanent and guaranteed delivery error as “Rejected” e.g. “Missing Destination”. Here is how you manage these responses.

Navigate to Message 

Admin Main Navigation -> Addons -> Validation -> Validation Responses 

S/N (Serial Number) 

Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.


The rows under this column lists all possible responses that validation service API would return in case of processing the number for the validation/ lookup. System has already gathered significant number of responses in the list, however, if system detects a new validation response, it will automatically be added in the same list.


It adds further details to the message responses in the earlier column.


If the validation process has returned some response which reflects some potential delivery error, the column will list possible action to fix the number before sending. This will help you keeping the list clean and fixing delivery errors where it is possible to fix.


It shows whether the specific validation response will be considered as “Accepted” or “Rejected”. Admin has the ability to edit the validation response and update status of specific response from Rejected to Accepted or Accepted to Rejected, based on its own preferences.
Message Responses


Edit Validation Response 

You may need to edit a validation response to update its status from “Rejected” to “Accepted” or “Accepted” to “Rejected” depending on your sending preferences. For most of the cases these validation responses are accurately flagged and chances to update the flag/status of the validation responses are rare. But if you do, keep it in mind that the contact that returns a response with “Rejected” status during validation process will not be considered for sending during sending of the campaign, therefore use update status function mindfully.

On the Edit Validation Response page, three of the fields “Response, Description and Action” have already been discussed above.


Status is the only editable option on Edit Validation Response page, where the dropdown carries both relevant validation response statuses to update certain response status/flag from Rejected to Accepted or Accepted to Rejected. Your preferences will be saved as soon as you click “Update” button.
Update Response Status