Validation Settings

Contact validation is an integrated module of SMSPlus that helps client accounts to process the desired contacts for network and country lookup. System not only gives valuable information with regard to the contacts that it process for validation, but also appropriately flags the contacts as per their validation status. It ensures that the lists will ultimately hold most number of contacts with confirmed message delivery, and an insignificant count of the contacts that may end up on delivery failure. “Validation Settings” offers general controls and settings for validation module.

Navigate to Validation Settings 

Admin Main Navigation -> Validation -> Validation Settings 

Status (Toggle Button)

Client accounts will only be able to process the contacts for validation when the admin side keeps the validation status “On”. If you turn validation status “Off” from the admin validation settings, client accounts will no longer be able to process the contacts for validation or network lookup. To offer validation/ lookup service to your clients, it is important that your current system is configured with a gateway that offers contact lookup services, and your subscribed plan includes contact validation/ lookup.

Price Settings (Per Number Lookup)

Following two fields offer the ability to setup default value of per number lookup cost.  Other than the default set lookup cost, you will have the ability to setup a separate cost for a particular package you create. If you have gone through from Package documentation, you would have an idea that SMSPlus gives you an ability to setup the type of package seems convenient to your business model. You can setup Monthly Subscription Package, Top-Up pricing plan or Credit Plan. Every package that you create using Setup Packages function would offer you the ability to put forward “Per Number Lookup Cost”. System deducts per number lookup cost as set in the package on priority, but if it doesn’t find the priority settings, it applies the default per number lookup cost that you have provided in “Validation Settings”

Lookup Credit

If you have offered client a credit based package, how much credit will it deduct from the account of the client for per contact lookup request? I.e. if you put forward 2 in this field, it will deduct two credits from the client account for every number validation request. As mentioned above, system looks for the client’s subscribed package as a priority, and if doesn’t find per number lookup cost there, only then it applies default cost of number validation defined in Validation Settings.

Lookup Price for Top-Up Plan 

Unlike the credit plan that deducts credits from client’s account, a top-up package cuts certain amount of money from the balance available in client's account. Once a client submits the request for contact validation, system looks for Per Number Lookup Price defined in the Slab/Package subscribed by the client, and if it doesn’t find a price value there, it automatically applies default price value set in the Validation Settings.

Prioritize Contact Lookup Service (Drag & Drop) 

SMSPlus is integrated with couple of Contact Validation/ HLR Lookup APIs offered by the sending gateways. There is a drag and drop function that would help prioritizing between the available lookup services. System will process validation request using the Service/Gateway up in the order, and if it somehow fails, the request automatically will be entertained through the service second in the order. For example if you have set “Clickatell” up in the order and keeps “Infobip” as second priority, system will process contact validation request using Clickatell Lookup Service, but if somehow the Clickatell fails to entertain the request, system automatically process the request using the Service/ Gateway second in the line (Infobip).

Click “Update” to save parent settings and preferences.
Validation Settings