Notification Center

This centralized module of Notification Center gives you the ability to view and manage all sorts of important notification under one place. For better understanding, sub-navigation divides different type of notifications. Let’s discuss each one of these sorts.

Navigate to Admin Notifications

Admin Main Navigation -> Notification Center -> Admin Notifications

These are system generated notifications and are meant to notify the super/main admin about some error, failure, resource overage of a client account, admin resource notification and such. Some of the cases when system will fire these notifications are.

  • A failed login attempt from an admin account   
  • A gateway has automatically turned inactive due to insufficient credits
  • A cron is crashed
  • Client account attempts sending from an unregistered Sender-ID
  • Client account has used a banned work in the message text
  • Client account tries to import a list larger than the allowed package limit
Admin Notifications

Navigate to Client Notifications

Admin Main Navigation -> Notification Center -> Client Notifications

It intends to notify the admin about certain developments made through the client account. It prompts the admin taking an action on client request. Some of the cases when system will send these notifications to the admin account are.

  • A new client account approval notification
  • A client account requests to register a sender-ID
  • A client account requests to allow sending to specific countries
  • A client account is running out of balance/credit
Client Notifications

Notification Templates

Apart from the system generated notifications that we have discussed above, there are some other notifications that need to be sent as a message through email or SMS. Unlike the above mentioned types internal system notifications, the notifications that are sent through email or SMS are editable.

Admin Main Navigation -> Notification Center -> Admin Templates

When you land on this page from the main navigation, you will see two separate boxes. One is with the title admin templates and the second with the title client templates. From here, admin would manage the already available templates, can update the content of SMS and Email for specific notification template and can also add new templates for specific module.

Template Mapping

Before we move on and discuss the procedure of changing the content that will be sent via SMS or email. Let’s discuss “Template Mapping” at first, an option that appears right beside the titles of both the right (Client Templates) and left (Admin Templates) side sections. Clicking on it will take you to the next page. Let’s see the functionality of this page to help you understand mapping completely.


Under this, you can see messages belonging to different modules, e.g. All Gateways are Inactive. It refers to a specific situation that system can go through from. And options next to it would provide you the ability to manage this specific situation according to your preference. Here are the options.


Switch it On if you want to send the notification through the email for certain function/module. The content of the email is saved with the Notification template that you can edit using the edit option discussed later in this article. Keep this option Off, if you don’t want to send Email Notification. In some of the cases it is almost necessary to send an email notification, i.e. Forget Password etc.


It works the same as aforementioned option of Email is discussed. It will send SMS of the notification only when you have this option selected as “On”.


A dropdown options showing all the admin roles created and saved within the system. It is to control the access of admin users, as you may not want every notification being sent to every user. For the client side section on the same page, this would show all active User Groups to control the access level. Only the Staff Roles and Client Groups selected will be sent with a notification, others will be ignored.


Dropdown contains all the templates being created and saved for certain module, i.e. “All Gateways are Inactive” can have multiple notification templates saved within the system, from here you can map a template that you find most appropriate for the specific case.

Click “Save Settings” to apply the settings

Add a New Template

Click “Add New Template” and start adding a new notification template for specific admin or client side module. Each template would contain content for both Email as well as for the SMS notification.

Email Template

Select a module, provide a name to later easily recognize the template for mapping purposes, provide an email subject and create the content. You can select different types of variables for the email content i.e. %%today_date%%, to dynamically add certain value in the notification. The selection and all the fields under Email Template are mandatory to select/fill.

SMS Template

Create content for the SMS template to use for the SMS notification. You can select different variables for the SMS content to add dynamic value in it, i.e. %%first_name%% for client template.

Click “Save Template” to save it against certain module. You can later change a template for specific module through template mapping option as discussed above in this article.
Notification Template

View and Edit Notification Templates

The main page where you land after clicking “Notification Template” will show you a list of all available notification templates for Admin on the left side, and for the client on the right side of the page. You can select to edit any of the desired templates by clicking “Edit” icon under Actions, this will let you update the content of email and SMS notification for certain template.
Add/Edit Template