In this particular article, we are discussing the admin side functionality to add and view client account using the built-in function. The article mostly discusses the admin function to add a client account. However, it isn't the only way of adding a client account within SMSPlus. A client can register for an account from the signup page of the client side by filling out the fields of registration form and selecting desired package.
Client Side Signup

Client account registered by signing up from the client side, also appears here in the View Clients table for the admin review. Once a client completes the signup form on the client side, system fires a notification on the admin side to review the client details and approve/reject client account using Approval Center

You may need not to go through from the manual review and approval process, in case you have enabled Auto Approve client account from the Application Settings. You mostly enable these settings when you have billing systems like WHMCS integrated with SMSPlus. Even if the client accounts are added via auto-registration, admin would still need to perform some of the tasks manually, like allowing the client accounts certain countries for sending SMS to. However, skipping the registration process for now, let's stick to our main function of adding client account from the admin side.

Navigate to Add a Client Account

Main Navigation->Client->Add a Client

Process of adding a new client has been distributed in separate section to fill in the basic details mandatory to add client account, and putting forward optional field details in a separate section. All these sections run in a process. Filling all the fields of the first tab “Input Client Details” is mandatory to move to the next tabs. Successfully completing the process will enable the client account to log into the dashboard using the set login details (Email & Password).

First Step of the Process 

Upon clicking Add a Client Account, you will straight be taken to this screen where you are required to input mandatory client details. All the fields and selections on this page are mandatory to fill for adding a client account and for moving to the next step.

Email Address 

This would be the email address of the client that also be used as login email. Once the client is added this email will be used to log into the client account.


This would be the email address of the client that also be used as login email. Once the client is added this email will be used to log into the client account.


Which country client belongs to? This would open a dropdown of all countries for selection.

Mobile Number 

Mobile number of the client for future communication via short messages and confirmation of the client’s identity. The client number should be in appropriate format which is Country Code, Network Prefix and Mobile Number.

For your convenience, mobile number is distributed in two separate number fields; first one is specific for adding country code. Application automatically adds the country code when you select a client’s country from the dropdown above; all you need to do is to provide complete mobile number including network prefix/area code as per the numbering system.

Package Type 

There are multiple types of packages that you can create using MumaraSMS, following your preferred business model and billing cycle. Among the available three, there are Top-Up plans, Credit Plans and Monthly Subscription Based packages that the admin can offer to its clients. From this dropdown, you will need to select an appropriate package for the specific client account you are about to add.


As per your selection of the type of package that you want to assign to the new client account, this dropdown option will display the available packages to select the one appropriate for the client. E.g. if you select Monthly Package as type of the package, this dropdown will load all available packages for you to select the one appropriate for the new client to subscribe.  Same happens when you select Top-Up type of plan or Credit Plan.

Select Time Zone 

Select the time zone for the client account. Scheduled tasks for the specific client account will be executed by following the time zone selected from here.

Add Funds 

This option will only appear in case the Credit Plan or Top-Up plan is selected as type of package. You need to add initial funds/credits required to subscribe to specific package. Make sure that the funds/credits lower than the minimum funds/credits limit (As Described in Package) can’t be added.


Available currencies that system can handle will appear in this dropdown to select a preferred one for the specific client account.


Since MumaraSMS is Multilanguage supported platform, client account can be setup with the preferred choice of language. For the specific client account, page titles, descriptions, field labels, help notes and options will appear in the preferred language choice that is selected from this dropdown.  


Mark the status value of the client account as one of the following.

  • Active are the clients with fully operational accounts with an ability to send SMS.
  • Inactive client accounts will be having limited access to their accounts without the ability to use their account for Sending
  • Unverified are the accounts that wasn’t or remained unable to get the accounts verified for the details (i.e. Mobile, Email).
  • Closed/ Suspended are the clients that no longer will be able to access their accounts.
Input Mandatory Fields

Second Step of the Process (Optional Fields)

 After completing all mandatory fields of the first tab, you will get the ability to move to the 2nd and the 3rd tab. Second tab that says “Optional Fields” consists of fields to input optional information with regard the client account. All the fields are simple text fields, considering the fact that the title of every field well serves its purpose and the information that you can input, we quickly move on to the third tab without going in further details of optional fields.

Third Step of the Process 

Countries to Allow for Sending

The third tab allows admin to permit the client account sending to the specific selected countries. It is a multiple select option that you can use to select and permit the client sending to the multiple countries. There is a search box at top of the multiple select option that you can use to search and select specific country. Client account will only be allowed sending to the countries that the admin of the application permits him here.

Allowed Countries

Saving Client Details

After selecting the destination countries, press “Finish” saving the client account, or click “Previous” to return to the previous step.

View Client Accounts 

The page offers a list of all clients with bunch of valuable information about every client in the list. It also gives admin the ability to perform couple of useful actions to manage the existing client accounts. Client accounts can either be created manually using "Add a Client" from the navigation, or a client account can also be added automatically when a client subscribers/registers for a package (Auto Registration). 

Navigate to View all Clients

All Clients

The table that opens after clicking view all clients show list of all available clients in the system. Every row of the table represents a separate client with his/her name and related information.

Serial Number 

Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

First Name 

When the client account was created, First Name appeared as optional field to fill the information in. If the client account was created without filling this optional field of First Name, row of the First Name column will remain empty for such client. Only the client account that was setup by filling the First Name information will be having information in this column.

Last Name 

Email address falls into the mandatory category of fields when setting up client account. Each row of the column represents an email address of the client, and if the client’s email is confirmed then it will be labeled as (Verified), and if the client email is still pending for confirmation, it will be labeled as (Unverified). Client will use this email to log into the account; therefore the email has to be verified before the admin activates the account.

Mobile Number 

Apart from the email address, a valid mobile number is required from the client side to successfully setup an account. Mobile numbers of the client accounts appear under this column.

Package Type 

Showing the package type among one of the following

  1. Top-Up Plan 
  2. Credit Plan 


Listing the packages the client accounts have subscribed respectively.


Client account can have one of the following statuses 

  • Active-For the account with fully operational access to their accounts for sending.
  • Inactive-Client accounts that have limited access to their accounts without ability to use the accounts for sending SMS. 
  • Unverified-For the accounts that don’t have the verified credentials such as email address or mobile number. 
  • Closed/Suspended-Clients with this status will no longer be able to access their accounts.


Admin has the ability to perform more than a few actions to manage the client accounts, following is the list of actions that can be performed.

Edit Client Clicking will lead you to Edit Client Details page, where you will be able to edit and update earlier provided details of the client. This includes mandatory as well as the optional details.
View Documents Click to view the docs that specific client has submitted, i.e. Sender-ID request letters etc.
Delete Client Click to delete the client account from the list, this will soft delete the client account and will move it to trash. Deleted item will remain in trash until the empty trash cron runs to permanently delete it.
Login as Client

By clicking this, admin can login to the specific client’s account with complete access to the functions and features. When in client’s account, admin doesn’t have to logout from the client account to login again from the admin panel. Click “Back to Admin” to swiftly return to the admin panel. 

Image followed by the table shows the position of get back to admin panel from the client panel. 

Topup  Click to topup extra credit in specific client account. 
Back to Admin