Sender IDs

It offers more than just viewing the Sender IDs that the clients have applied. Admin will not only view, but also will manage and activate the Sender-IDs that clients have applied. To make any Sender-ID work, it requires getting it approved from the Sending Gateway, and if the admin has configured the application with more than one Sending Gateways and have managed gateway redundancy through priority zones, it would require getting the Sender-ID approved from all gateways using which the system can send.

However, submitting a request to the gateway for the Sender-ID approval is the work that admin would do manually through communicating with the gateways. Software doesn't play any part of submitting a request to the gateways so far. It just helps you manage,maintain and work with the sender-ids you have got registered by the gateways. 

Navigate to Sender-IDs

Admin Main Navigation -> Data -> Sender IDs

Apart from the Sender-IDs using by the client accounts, admin side also keeps few Sender-ID to be used as Default or Fallback Sender-ID purposes. So here from this page, admin can view all the Sender-IDs, can click to list one of the sender-IDs as its own to later offer as Default or Fallback Sender-ID.  Here is how the admin registers a sender-id. 

Admin Sender-ID 

The title bar of Sender-IDs table have the title on left side and towards the right side it shows a button to click and register a Sender-ID. The process is as similar as getting a sender ID registered from the client account. Click the following link to learn more about the fields/selections that appear while you register a Sender-ID. 

Register Sender-ID 

All Sender-IDs 

Now let's discuss the table in which all sender-ids would appear. When a client applies a sender id and admin views it here, admin requires submitting a manual request to all gateways he has configured the system with. Following area discusses the columns of the table that opens on clicking “Sender IDs” from the admin navigation.

S/N (Serial Number)

Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

Client Name 

Name of the client who has applied the Sender ID using his account.

Sender ID 

Sender-ID that was being applied by the client to send the SMS from.


It shows the status of specific sender-ID. There are different type of statuses that represent different stages of a Sender-ID. To update the Status of a sender id, you would need to visit Edit Sender-ID page, which is discussed in detail later in this article. 

Under Review- When a new Sender-ID is first applied, its status appears as Under Review. Under Review on both Admin as well as on the Client Side. It shows the client that the Sender-ID is currently under admin review and will soon be activated/registered. 

Under Process- Shows that the approval of the applied Sender-ID is now in process, and will soon be updated for the next status as Registered/Rejected. It is the time when the admin actually submits the Sender-IDs to the gateways for approval and waits for their response for the Sender-ID under consideration/process. 

Registered- Upon getting a response from the gateways (s), if the Sender-ID under consideration has got approved from the gateway, admin can update the Status of such ID as "Registered". Client can only be able to use the Sender-IDs with "Registered" status. 

Rejected- The admin can opt for this status if the docs that client has submitted for the approval of Sender-ID aren't correct, or gateway(s) has rejected specific sender-ID. 

Edit Sender ID

Click Edit Sender ID under Actions the last column in Sender IDs table. Edit Sender ID page would help the admin perform few important administrative tasks with regard to manage the Sender-IDs. These tasks include updating the Sender-ID status and using the toggle options to switch the Sender-ID for specific Gateway or keep it offer for others. 
Update Sender-ID

In the area above, we have discussed different statuses and their effects. Admin can select the appropriate one from the dropdown beside Status on Edit Sender ID page. Make sure, the client account will only be able to send from the registered Sender-ID status, and using only those gateways that you have switched on for specific Sender-ID.
Assign Gateway

Different gateways function differently like Clickatell issues a unique API ID against every Sender ID that it approves, and it would require submitting this API ID while submitting Send Message request from the specific sender id. So if Clickatell is one of the gateways that admin is switching on against specific sender-ID, admin will input the ID provided by Clickatell in the field of "Clickatell API ID" before making the Sender-ID status as registered. 

Available Filters 

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view Sender IDs specific client has applied. There is a suggestion box for making you to search the required client name by typing even few letters of the name. 
Sender-IDs Admin Side