Suppression List (Admin)

System omits contact numbers added to a suppression list, no matter if they are in the list which client is sending to, as long as they are suppressed, no SMS will be sent to these contacts. We are currently taking Admin Suppression into consideration, the suppression list function of the client account is discussed separately here "Suppress Contacts".  For the admin this function would help him to add certain numbers to get them blocked/omitted for all the client accounts using the service, these contacts are known as Globally Suppressed by Admin. Let's see how you add them. 

Navigate to Suppression List 

Admin Main Navigation -> Data -> Suppression List 


To start with, you need to provide a label to the contacts you are adding to the suppression list. Label adds a differential value with the contacts to help you recognize them. Like, the label can be NDNC (National Do Not Call List) etc. 

Input Type 

There are multiple ways you can utilize to add contacts numbers to the admin suppression list. Here are these input types. 

Upload from your System 

It offers a quick way to get sizable amount of numbers added to the suppression list. All you need to do is selecting this option, and clicking Upload Now to upload a file from your system the carries the numbers for suppression. After having a file selected, importing process runs on your screen and the numbers from the importing file would eventually be added to the suppression list.  

Select from Import_Suppressed_File 

The destination folder in your installation where you can keep the files containing the numbers for suppression. You can use FTP to upload these files, and later selecting this option to quickly add these numbers for the admin suppression. This saves the time as the file was already uploaded to the server. 

Line Separated Manual Entry 

If the numbers you want to add for admin suppression are few, then this option would be more convenient. Selecting this option will open a box for you to enter the number, write/paste one number in the box and press Enter to enter the second. It is how you can add multiple line separated numbers for the suppression. 
Admin Side Suppression

View Suppression List 

A link just next to Admin Suppression leads the admin to the page where the table will show all numbers that have suppressed so far, above mentioned image points to the link with a note "Click to View Suppressed Numbers". These numbers include the ones that client accounts have added to their suppression list as well as the numbers that admin has put for admin global suppression. The table that opens have the following columns. 


Every record in the table has been assigned a unique ID. You can see a checkbox right beside the ID, this will help you select multiple records from the table to later process the selected ones for deletion.

Client Name 

Name of the client who suppressed particular contact number using his/her account. If specific number is suppressed by the admin for global suppression, the row under this column for such number will remain empty.  

Mobile Number

Mobile number that was being suppressed. 


Label categorizes the contacts suppressed under specific label


Each row of the column shows the type of suppression list the contact was added to, it would either be suppressed Globally or suppressed within specific List only. If the contact is suppressed for specific list, you will see the list name, otherwise you will see Globally as suppression List type.

Created Date 

The rows under this column are showing the accurate time and time when the numbers were being suppressed through client or admin account.