Contact Lists

For the admin, contact lists table functions bit differently than the view all list table of the client. The admin of the application can view list of all available lists setup by clients on this view Contact Lists page. Admin can further apply filters to filter out the records in the table according to the set preferences. Later in this article, filters are discussed in detail.

Navigate to View Contact Lists

Admin Main Navigation -> Data -> Contacts 

Following area discusses the columns of the table and the information each row represents about the contacts.

Serial Number (S/N)

Serial number of the records in the table.

Client Name 

Name of the client who created the list using his/her client account. 

List Name 

List Name appears as mandatory field in order to create a contact list from the client account, each row under this column represents a name of a contact list respectively. 


Each row of this column shows total number of contacts resides in specific list. Contacts count is clickable, and clicking on it will lead you to the View Contacts page, where you will be able to see the details of contacts within the list. 

Note: If you are having the validation settings/function actively running and enabled, you would see this counter bit differently. Read the following passage if you have the validation module enabled/running. 

It shows the contacts count of a list, separated by the box brackets. Counter within each bracket represents a contact's flag or segment of contact. When you hover any of these counters, you will get to know what specific counter is all about. Here is what these counters show, from the left to the right. 

[Total Contacts]- First counter shows the total number of contacts in this list.

[Accepted: Rejected]- Second box bracket has two counters separated by a colon. Counter before the colon shows number of contacts accepted as valid as result of validation process, and the counter after the colon shows the number of contacts rejected due to some potential delivery error. System prevents sending SMS to the contacts with rejected in Validation Process.

[Unprocessed] The counter shows the number of contacts remaining to process through validation in the specific list.

So from right to left it is what the formation of the counter revealing.

[Total Contacts][Accepted: Rejected][Unprocessed]


Status of the list as Active, Inactive or Blocked. Lists belonging to certain client account that the admin has blocked, will no longer remain usable for that specific client account. Admin can block the list(s) of the client upon identifying any violation of the service terms. 

Validation Status

Note: If you have disabled the validation module, you may not be able to see this column or may see the rows under this column empty. If you do have the validation module enabled, here is the information that you can see in this column. 

It shows the validation status of the specific list, that whether or not the specific list has gone through from the validation process. If the admin has enabled validation services it is only then the clients will be able to validate the contacts within their lists.

Validation Required means that the client hasn’t processed the list for the validation yet. Therefore the status is “Validation Required. 

If some of the contacts within the specific list have gone through from the validation and some others are pending for the validation, then for the specific list the status will appear as “Partially Validated

If all the contacts of the specific list have gone through from the validation process then the status will appear as “Validated”.

Created On 

The rows under this column are showing the dates when contact lists were created. 


Export to CSV Click to export the contacts in the list to a .CSV file.
Block  If clicked, the status of specific list will turn Blocked. Admin can use this feature to block particular client list that he finds violating to certain terms or misusing the system. For the lists with blocked status, you'll use the same action to Unblock the list. 
View List Click to view the details of particular list, details such as which fields and custom fields were selected for specific list. 

Available Filters 

The area on the top of the table, offers admin the ability to apply filter and see specific records in the table. Following are the options.

Filter by Client Name

This filter offers ability to view contact lists created by some specific client only. To apply this filter on the view Contact Lists table, all you need to do is to select the client name. Suggestion box would help you make a selection. 

Filter by Status

Filter out the lists by their status, i.e. select “Active” from the dropdown to view lists with active status only, or “Inactive” to populate the lists with inactive status only.

Filter by Validation Status

It lets you filter the lists by its validation status, you can select “Partially Validated” to view the lists that keep a mix of contacts that are processed through validation or remaining for validation. “Validated” can
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