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A complete list of contacts stored across all the contact lists created by the clients. Admin can view, search all the contacts and contacts belonging to specific client accounts by applying filter. Following area discusses the information that each column of the view contact table reveals for the admin. 

Navigate to View/Search 

Admin Main Navigation -> Data -> View/Search Contacts 

Serial Number (S/N)

Serial number of the contacts in the table. 

Client Name  

Rows under this column show the client name whose account specific contact belongs to.

List Name 

In a client account, contacts are saved within some contact list. The rows under this column reveal that the contact details are saved within the specific contact list(s) in the client account.

First Name 

The first name field was optional to save the contact details; therefore, if the contact’s details were saved by keeping the First Name field empty, this field will not show any information. And if the first name was provided while adding the contact details, the field of the column will show appropriate value of the specific contact.

Last Name 

Last name of the contact if given while adding the contact’s details.

Mobile Number 

Mobile number of the contact


A contact status can be active or inactive within the list. System doesn't consider inactive contacts while sending. 

Columns Related to Validation 

Some of the columns would appear when you have the validation module enabled and running. Following are these. 


The validation process appropriately identifies the contact’s mobile network operator and shows it in this column (e.g. Vodafone, T-Mobile, Etisalat). This also has the ability to identify the number portability and roaming, that helps you know the accurate destination network.

The column will only show the network information of the specific number that went through from the validation process, otherwise the rows will remain empty for the numbers that aren't processed through validation yet. Same goes with the “Country” column positioned right next to Network column.


The column shows the country of the contact. It is actually the country where the mobile network is operating. For example if the number belongs to Vodafone UK, the row next to the Network column will show the United Kingdom as country.

Validation Status 

It shows the validation status of the contact, if after the process of validation system returns the contact network and country, status of such contact will be marked as Approved. Contacts with obvious failure will be marked as Rejected and Unidentified is the status that will appear with the contacts that haven’t been processed for the validation yet.

Note: If validation module is disabled/no included, the above mentioned columns wouldn't either appear or would remain empty. 

Available Filters 

Filter by Client Name 

This filter offers ability to view contacts of some specific client by applying the filter. To apply this filter on the view/search contacts table, all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. The dropdown holds all available clients and from here you can select any to populate contacts associated with his/her account.

Filter by Status

Filter out the contacts by their status, i.e. select “Active” from the dropdown to view contacts with active status only, or “Inactive” to populate the contacts with inactive status only.

Filter by Validation Status

It lets you filter the contacts by their validation status.

  • Approved are the contacts that went through from the validation process and returned successful response by fetching out the Network/Country information.
  • Rejected are the contacts that return potential delivery error in result of validation process, and system remains unable to detect the contact number's network and the country. 
  • Unidentified is the contact that hasn't been processed through validation.
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