Banned Words

Using SMS for spamming, fraudulent, unsolicited and obnoxious communication poses a potential threat to the legitimate side of SMS marketing. State driven regulations as well as service providers are equally trying their bit to combat the illegal side of using SMS communication, by extensively analyzing content and sending behavior. As a result, there are few terms and words that the industry largely identifies as part of a spammy message, i.e. Sex, You have Won etc. With SMSPlus, you are being given this ability to add the terms and words that you don’t want to relay through from the gateway as being spam. Here is the way.

Navigate to Banned Words 

Admin Main Navigation -> Security -> Banned Words 

Banned Words 

Enter comma separated words and terms that you don’t want the client accounts to use in the content, e.g. Make Money, Sex, You have Won etc.  The words that you think can potentially be used in a spammy, unsolicited and fraudulent message. Before system supplies client’s message to the gateway for sending, it checks the message content against all the banned words, and stops it to relay through the gateway upon finding a banned word/term in the message content. As a result of trying a message with a banned word, an error message will be displayed suggesting the reason of not delivering the message. Client account will be able to see the band words highlighted to eliminate them from the message when trying again.

Click the “Update” button the save your preferences for the banned words
Adding Banned Words