The page shows cumulative stats of all the messages clients have sent using send message API. Few filtration options are available for the admin to filter out the table according to his preferences.

Navigate to View Transactional Statistics 

Admin Main Navigation -> Statistics -> Transactional 

S/N (Serial Number) 

Serial number is the set pattern that every table across the application follows. It shows the serial number of records in the table.

Client Name 

Name of the client who used the Send Message API to send SMS.

Mobile Number 

Client has given this number to send message to. Mobile number is one of the required parameters to submit a valid API request.


Sender ID that the client has used to send message from. If the client doesn’t have a Sender ID approved from the admin, default set Sender ID can be used by the client as well.


The text of the message that was being submitted through the API request, to send to the specific number in the Mobile Number column.


It gives you the status value linked with the response gateway has returned with, if the gateway has returned with successful response, it will give you status as “Sent”. With error responses, “Failed” will appear as status value


What response gateway has returned upon attempting to send on this number, e.g. “Message Delivered” the response it will give if the message is delivered in result of attempt, or “Rejected_prefix-missing” for specific contact that returns with an error.

Sending Time 

The Date & Time when the gateway processed sending on specific number.

Available Filters 

Towards the top of view table, there are few options to filter out the records. Following area discusses the filters you can apply..

Filter by Client Name 

This filter offers ability to view statistics of specific client’s campaigns. To apply this filter all you need to do is to select the client name from the dropdown. 

Filter by Message Status 

Set this filter to view the messages with the status as “Sent” only or “Failed” only.

Filter by Message Response 

Admin may need to view some of the messages failed due to some specific reason and return some particular response, like messages failed due to No credit etc. Admin can use this filter to filter out and view the stats with some specific response.

Filter by Custom Date

Filter out transactional message stats FROM a particular calendar date TO some specific date.

Filter by Sender-ID

The filter can help the admin find out stats of the messages attempted through specific Sender-ID.
Transactional Message Stats